Art and Soul Pottery Studio and Gallery is located at 1269 Hwy 16,Telkwa, BC and is your source to handmade, artistic and functional pottery.

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Offering a wide range of food, microwave and oven safe pottery by Franziska Cody, as well as crafts from local artisans, Art and Soul Pottery also supports artisans from around the world by offering their products through the gallery. The “working studio” provides the opportunity to witness the process of creating pottery and to custom make items to meet specific interests.

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Art and Soul Pottery Opening Hours

Open Mon, Wed and Thurs from 10am - 5pm,
all other days are by appointment

Phone: 250-846-5727
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Clay Jug

Inside this clay jug, there are canyons and pine mountains,
and the maker of canyons and pine mountains.
All seven oceans are inside and hundreds of millions of stars.
The acid that tests gold is there and the one who judges jewels.
And all music from the strings no one touches
and the source of all water.
If you want the truth, I will tell you;

friend listen:

the god I love is inside!

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